John Doe

I couldn’t believe how how much better I felt after one session. I felt so overwhelmed with all the choices for internet marketing and nothing had been working. I thought it was me, that I wasn’t good enough, or sharing the wrong message. Tania very quickly saw straight to the root cause of my issues, got me unstuck and gave me the clarity and direction I had been struggling to see for so long. Thank you!

Pamela Farries

I have been suffering for a long time with health issues and I felt that the medication I was on was making me worse. After Tania’s indepth health analysis, we discovered the underlying root cause of my health problems and after pushing my doctor to take a blood test her findings were proven right. I am so grateful and really appreciate the suggestions for moving forward and staying well.

Penelope Smith

My role as a CEO can be very challenging, I love what I do and I know I am good at it. However I always feel a lack of confidence in my decision making and it causes me anxiety. Working with Tania showed me a simple yet effective way to always trust my initial thoughts and feelings and how to diferentiate between my intuitive genius and my fear thoughts. Most of the answers Tania got, confirmed my inital thoughts which I hadn’t told her but gave me such peace of mind that I can do it. I decided to sign up to work with Tania for her both her VIP Day and Bespoke mentoring program. I can’t wait!

Jeanette Thomas

I had been working as a relationship coach for about 10 years and wasted so much money on the next best course that was meant to take me to the next level, give me the confidence to get out of my own way, do webinars, facebook lives etc and it all became too overwhelming and kept me frozen and procrastinating. Only a few minutes into the session and Tania was able to tell me what areas I was wasting my energy in, where my strengths were and which direction I should be going in to attract my perfect tribe. I am so grateful the amazing gift of spiritual clarity that Tania has given me.

Sarah Jenkins

I have been running my consulting business for 10 years and I have never really felt I was in the right niche. After working with Tania in just one session I was able to get clarity on the best direction I should be taking, who were going to be my best clients and what area of excellence I should be offering my clients. Finally my overwhelm was gone in an instant! I can’t wait to continue working with Tania over the next 6 months.

Jenny Howarth

My business had been really struggling since the pandemic, I felt I could no longer walk the same path as my eyes had been opened to a different truth. I guess I had some kind of awakening and knew this wasn’t just affecting my personal relationships, but also my niche and work relationships. I felt very isolated and lost. It was as if I had gone back to being that shy young girl who was seen and not heard, what I thought didn’t matter and I had lost all confidence in my abilities and getting myself out there. I was feeling very low about it. I knew there was a brand new pathway for my to explore, I just needed to know if my intuition was right. Tania’s signature program did exactly that. I am so grateful as I know I can contact her at anytime with any question and get 100% accuracy as she won’t settle for anything less.